Amparo Hidalgo Galiana, PhD
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Professionally I have been linked to the scientific career, where I acquired and developed the ability to observe, analyze, learn and face new challenges. Illustration was always present, following courses of scientific and naturalistic drawing and also making illustrations that were published for species descriptions. It is now that I focus my professional career as a scientific illustrator.

My interests as an illustrator range from making detailed drawings of species, environments, minerals, etc., to line drawings, more suitable for classification and description of species. I am also interested in schematic drawing, which is more interesting for teaching or popular science, being able to handle it from traditional drawing materials to digital art in both vector and raster. I am fascinated with the representation of natural world and its processes. I like to learn and make illustrations to ease the understanding of scientific concepts, projects and results through diagrams, infographics and covers.

Regarding my academic training, I have completed a Bachelor's degree in Biology at Autonomous University of Madrid (2006), a Master's degree in Development Biology and Genetics at University of Barcelona (2009), a PhD in Genetics at University of Barcelona (2014) and a Master's degree in Scientific Illustration at Trazos School, Madrid (2020).